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Searching for a career in forensics has become more and more popular since the slew of television programs such as C.I.S. that have hit our TV screens, such programs rapidly achieving cult status. With the increase in similar programs, forensic jobs have not only achieved somewhat of a 'glory' status, often because of the way the job is glamorized, but the job itself has become much more fragmented as technology has improved.

Careers in forensics however, are rarely that glamorous. Forensic investigations demand high levels of skill and training, exceptional focused concentration, attention to detail and the ability to relay their findings in a clear and concise manner. You may also be required to work in some very unpleasant conditions and, depending on the field you enter, see some disturbing scenes. Science itself is rarely proven, and by its nature is cyclical. Scientists must always attempt to disprove a hypothesis, not to prove it. In this way, you can be surer that your findings are likely to have been found because they actually exist, and are not just there by chance.

As mentioned, forensic jobs are much more varied than many people think and are now split into multiple areas of expertise. For example, on top of being a forensic investigator, there is forensic engineering, forensic accountants, cyber forensics, computer forensics, forensic psychology, forensic nursing and several more. So you see, careers in forensics are likely to span many areas, and deciding which direction to take is a hard one.

Forensic training typical involves an initial degree in forensics as this will give you a base from which to make your choice. Before you get that far though, you will need to qualify for the college of your choice and this will typically require a good science and mathematical background as well as sound language skills. You should be able to get help with money for college to help alleviate the cost. Some form of relevant work experience will also be an asset, especially when you come to applying for jobs. You will find more information about various training for specific roles on this website, but it is highly likely you will need a solid grounding in the history and core techniques of forensics whatever path you decide to take.

A visit to The American Academy of Forensic Sciences website may prove useful, as will looking through forensic journals such as the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Reading current journals will give you some ideas about the range of possible careers in forensics, current issues and techniques that are at the forefront of forensics today. You may not be able to read the entire articles, but you should be able to view abstracts without having to pay. You can do this by visiting OvidSp at

We hope you enjoy looking around this site and that it will give you an idea of the sort of careers in forensics that are possible. Remember to return here often, as you will find more articles added on a regular basis.


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Hawkins wants meeting with ETSU, Knox County about forensic services - Kingsport Times News

Kingsport Times News

Hawkins wants meeting with ETSU, Knox County about forensic services
Kingsport Times News
ROGERSVILLE EUR” It's been more than a decade since a former Quillen College of Medicine forensic pathologist was sued for allegedly keeping body parts from a murder victim, but Hawkins County commissioners are having a hard time forgetting.


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Fighting food fraud with forensics
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A technique used by forensic scientists to identify bodies at crime scenes is being used by food producers to deter counterfeiting of their products. A person's hair and nails show traces of chemicals they have absorbed from the environment, and the .


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Students registering at http://www.graduateadmissions(at)national(dot)edu for the MBA/MM EUR Information Technology Management concentration in internet/cyber security at will take coursework in areas such as device security, risk identification and analysis, critical control system security, and computer forensics and incident handling. (PRWeb November 06, 2014) Read the full story at http ...

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Media Forensics Experts Analyzing ISIS Video In Denver
CBS Local
The University of Colorado Denver is home to the National Center for Media Forensics. According to their website, media forensics is the scientific analysis of recorded media in the form of audio, video, and still imagery evidence obtained during the .
Media forensics experts analyze gruesome ISIS videosKRDO

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Singer By Day, Superhero By Night: Monica Begins A New Career In Forensics . - Global Grind

Singer By Day, Superhero By Night: Monica Begins A New Career In Forensics .
Global Grind
I've always had an interest in forensics. In my field we focus on giving the family much needed answers and closure in the event that they lose a loved one. I enjoy helping families during one of the most difficult times in their life. Thanks for .

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